President Buhari Won The APC Presidential Ticket With 14,842,072 Million Votes

President Buhari Won The APC Presidential Ticket With 14,842,072 – President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been declared the candidate representing APC come 2019 with 14,842,072 Million.


Nigerians however reacted to the news with the following reactions;


Really? grin
With all the rigging.
I expected 75 million or more.grin


Who contested with him…?
Oligarchy in the making.


this is exactly how the north estimate their population and voters. APC members are not even up to 20,000 nationwide. how come they are pulling million votes in their imaginary primary. they are not even ashamed of the blatant lies they are dishing.

I can’t wait for 2019!
The suspense of what will happen then is killing me! cry
Only in Nigeria can a LIFELESS be supported by DRUG BAYRONS for president! grin

By February, 2019. . . . The margin will be 250 million I swear.
Even more LIFELESSES will rise up from the grave and carry SPIRITUAL PVCs for their “lifeless one”! 

Even with all their blatant lies, 400+k votes in Imo, 200+k votes in Abia they were only able to give 14M to their saviour. It is official, nothing would stop Buhari from going home 2019.

The dullard was only contesting against himself… Why won’t he be awarded 14.8 million votes?




With this, you will see that many people are not in support of this, to many, it is obvious that results are manipulated, More Details Coming Soon!

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