PLEASE HELP!! My Husband and I Had Rough Sex Beside A Fan, Now I Have Wound In My Private Part

A reader our hers has sent us an annoynous e-mail seeking that we share with our reader her ordeal in response and hope of  getting an answer that will help ease her pain and help pull herself together. In her mail, she reads..

Hello LoadeViral,

Please help me share this with every Nigerians so they can
know what am going through in the hand of the animal I
called my husband.

I came back home yesterday from work at around 7:30pm
and my husband was angry with me because I came home
30 minutes late and while I was trying to explain what
happened, he landed me a very hot slap on my face and I

fell down, crying seriously as I was in pain

The next thing, he dragged the fan closer to me and ask me
to undress myself while he was undressing himself too. He
came on top of me so we can start having sex.

I asked him he if he won’t romance me so I could get wet
and he landed me a very heavy blow on my face saying my
punishment is to be f***d dried and aggressively.

It was hell for me, I have been in pain since yesterday. I was
not able to go to work today as am having severe pain if I
try to walk.

I have been to the Hospital earlier today and the doctor said

I have a sore inside my private part and it would take

some time to heal and must forget movin about if I truly
want it ill.

He’s a very nice person and he takes care of me always but
he’s very dangerous and can do something unbelievable if I
get on his nerves unknowingly.

Nigerians, please help me as I sincerely don’t know what to

I need your Advice guys, What Should I Do?


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