Miracle!!! Brain Tumour Baby Recovers After Pope Francis Kiss

In 2015 when Pope Francis kissed baby Gianna Masciantonio , some saw it as an encouraging sign. The then one-year-old had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Doctors had not expected that she would make it to her first birthday, but she overcame the odds — and days after her birthday, Pope Francis kissed her head.

Gianna Masciantonio

It was reported that Gianna had histiocytosis, a rare condition that made it impossible for her to have surgery to remove the tumour.

Gianna was treated with chemotherapy, and CBS Philadelphia reports that now, Gianna is in good health and will begin pre-school this year.The blood disorder caused lesions on her brain stem, reports said.

To commemorate Gianna’s recovery, her parents, Joey and Kristen Masciantonio, donated $50,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where Gianna was treated.

They made the donation in the name of the foundation they started, For the Love of Grace.

Grace is Gianna’s middle name, and the foundation is dedicated to helping children with brain tumours and histiocytosis.


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