Lady proves there is power in words with stored rice

A lady @Scilla_xx, took to Twitter to reveal how she was able to prove there is power in words with rice she stored for 30 days labeled ‘love’ and ‘hate’ respectively.

According to the lady, she said positive things to the ‘love rice’ and negative things to the ‘hate rice’, and the outcome shows there is power in words. Here’s her tweet on the power of words with the experiment of a stored rice.

Do y’all remember when I did a rice experiment to prove that there’s power in what u say? Same rice, identical jars, kept in different spots in same area. Every morning and night for 30 days, I said positive things to the love rice and negative to the hate rice. The outcome.

If you want to do it, you can try it out. This experiment lasted for 30days. I boiled rice, put equal portions in both jars. Kept them at both ends in the garage.

You can label them with love and hate. Every morning or morning and night, up to you but you have to speak to it…….every day. You say nice things to the love rice, things like I love you so much, you’re beautiful, you’re bright, you’re positive, you’re a happy rice…etc and say the opposite to the hate rice. It’s weird but it really works. As the days go by the hate rice starts to… …change first. Then it completely turns awful and smells extremely worse than the love rice. It’s such a powerful experiment.

My prof made us do this for 20points extra credit, and had us do a presentation. You bet the whole class did it and during the presentation this was everyone’s reaction. A Japanese Doctor/professor invented this experiment and it’s on YouTube…other people also did it on YouTube.

Don’t put the same jar in the same area. Don’t put it your bathroom either, it can alter the results. Put it a place like your room(under the bed), a drawer in the kitchen, garage, etc. let me tell you what one of my classmates did. (Next tweet)

Her parents are separated and they absolutely hate themselves, she said they fight almost every day but they still stay in the same room, she hid the hate rice under their bed, put the love rice her lil bro’s room, he was 2. The rice had the exact same outcome. It was mad. Some people didn’t speak to their rice, they played happy music to it and music they considered “hateful” tothe hate rice, and same outcome. It all depends on the energy you’re sending to it. I preferred to talk to mine cos I thought it’d be more effective.

DO NOT OPEN THE JARS BEFORE THE 30TH DAY. Besides the smell, the air will affect your results.


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