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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Shocking News: Woman Sells Goods Worth 90k-Money Turns To 5Naira Notes

A Stunning VIDEO: Woman sold merchandise to a client worth 90k after she cleared out the entire cash swings to N5 notes each. We are still wondering how 90k turns to 5Naira note in this country Nigeria.

90k turns to 5Naira note

The unanmed mentioned woman has cried her tongues out due to the goods she sold to a customer, which is worth such a huge amount of money with the expensive goods supplied to the customer.  90k turns to 5Naira note all in the name of business.

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A Nigerian agent name [ unknown] who possess a little shop, sold products to an obscure client worth N90, 000.00 for her, after the client left the shop; the entire 90k swings to N5 notes which may not achieve that sum she initially paid.

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As indicated by an onlooker who was just around there to make an exchange in the bank, said she saw swarm and that attracted her consideration regarding find out about what was extremely going ahead there, just for her to see the unbelieveable thing.

To Ebimnageniusland view, we suggest that if she had wasted some time while the customer was still there, the money would have changed in front of the customer which will make the so called thief to be exposed. To watch the video click here


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