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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Kidnapper Still Sleeping Six Days After He Was Taken

Kidnapper who took Tramadol as yet dozing six days after capture  was noted by the police. A presumed criminal whose personality presently can't seem to be affirmed by the Ondo State Police Command was all the while resting six days after he was taken to the police guardianship. The suspect was captured by men in charge on Sunday as he and three different individuals from his pack endeavored to seize a pharmaceutical shop proprietor in Owo town. This brought fear in the police men, to the extent they voiced it out that a  Kidnapper Still Sleeping Six Days After He Was Taken, is an unusual act to them.

Kidnapper Still Sleeping Six Days After He Was Taken

As indicated by the police, the three-man pack raged the shop with weapons with the expectation to grab the proprietor, yet the casualty raised the alert and got away through the secondary passage.

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The police clarified that the speculate endeavored to escape on a cruiser however bumbled while he was attempting to ride it. He supposedly grabbed the cruiser from a client of the shop proprietor.


Alternate individuals from the group were said to have taken to their foot rear areas. The police expressed that a 400mg tablet of Tramadol was recouped from the pocket of the dozing presume which raised the doubt that he more likely than not taken the medication before he went for the activity.


The State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Femi Joseph, who addressed our journalist on Friday, said the suspect still couldn't seem to wake up.

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He stated, "Starting today (Friday), the suspect presently couldn't seem to wake up. Perhaps he took excessively of the medication, that is the reason he is as yet resting. We have attempted whatever we could to influence him to recover his awareness without much of any result.


"Be that as it may, we are as yet watching him to see whether he is imagining. We are with him and he would pay the piper regardless of to what extent he is oblivious.

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