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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I Remain the President of Nigeria 2019-Buhari Says

The President of Nigeria, Mr. Muhammad Buhari has made it openly today and also publicly that he will still come out for second tenure for the election of the President whether the people of Nigeria likes it or not. He has also made it clear that he must win the election again, therefore if anyone has not gotten the permanent Voter's Card (pvc) They should try as much as possible to get theirs before it's too late. Therefore, no matter who wanna vote me or not, I still remain  President of Nigeria.

 President of Nigeria

It has been extended to 31st of August so as to give grace to people who hasn't heard or gotten, and also, they should make sure that they vote for Buhari 2019. In addition, he added that he will be the next reigning king of Nigeria, the only man who will win the battles of the herdsmen, just like he won the Boko-haram.

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Buhari is already doing his own campaign indirectly in the news, which is already going viral today. Therefore, People around are saying that he will never win the election again, and not even his own tribe or even his own children or generation to com will ever rule Nigeria again.

According to News this Morning, One Mr. Charley Ogundele  of Lagos State said that It is the right of the Ibo's to be the next president because they have been cheated a lot, and we need to experience their president-ship at least for two or even four tenures. Mr. Charley advised the Ibo's to wake and get their permanent voters card and try as much as they can to vote for an Ibo man or even woman to be the next president of Nigeria.

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He added by saying that if a woman should rule this country Nigeria, that the country will be better than it has ever been. therefore, other women should as well try to campaign for the presidential election, especially to the Ibo women because we need and Ibo tribe to rule this country before things gets worst than it has ever been.


If the Yoruba's will support the Ibo's, I believe that some Hausa's will also support the Yoruba, in order for Ibo's to win this election, then let's see how the so called Present president of Nigeria will win the upcoming election 2019.


To all my fellow Nigerians, let's wake up and make this country a better place for our upcoming future generations by voting a new rising president from Ibo land and let's see if things will not actually change. Hail Ibo's for Presidential election 2019

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