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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Can't Sleep ,Due To Menstrual pain - Bobrisky says

I Can't Sleep ,Due To Menstrual pain - Bob-risky posted very early this morning on His Instagram page to his fans. I was really unable to sleep through out last night till this morning because the pains were so unbearable for me even when I thought I could just stop thinking about the pains and try to sleep I realized that it's not what i can easily ignore because to be a woman is actually not a day Job.

Can't Sleep ,Due To Menstrual pain

he went on saying that those, who are indirectly saying that to be a man is not a day job are actually referring that word to a we the women, because if they see what women see only in menstruation, the will have to pity their lives and they feel during child birth. Of a truth I must stand with the women to cast a vote of word saying: To Be A woman Is not A Day Job.

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Furthermore,  I tried so many ways to reduce the pain I was actually feeling last night, yet it couldn't reduce till this morning, and even up-till now, am still having the pains below my abdomen. OMG! I need advice from my fellow women please, if there is anything I can do or even take just for me to stop feeling this pains please I need  ideas, Bob risky laments.

Can't Sleep ,Due To Menstrual pain is a word I have to release to every one fan of mine so as for them to pray for me, actually I need serious prayers from you guys because I know that your prayers are actually working for me, even when I did my ass surgery you guys actually really did great and might things for me.

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please share to many people to inform them how I felt last night because I believe that I will get many Ideas on the solution tonight so that I can b able to sleep tonight. Bob-risky still loves you guys forever no matter how hard the pains remains, I was told it's just a matter of time. I was also told it's just for few days not forever.

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