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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Whats-app And Facebook Which Do You Prefer Faster, Easier And Accessible? - Let's See The Highest Vote!

Let's See Whatsapp and facebook Who Has The Highest Vote- Whatsapp And Facebook Which Do You Prefer Easy, Fast And Accessible? Today is a day to prove to the two competing social media the one that people prefer most.
Whats-app And Facebook Which Do You Prefer  Fast, Easy And Accessible?
The social media among the listed two that has the highest vote will receive a maximum update from the nations.
People, cast your votes:
If you prefer WhatsApp jus write in our comment box: "I vote Whatsapp"
If you prefer Facebook, "I Vote Facebook".

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Share this post to t your friends and also ask them to come in and vote.

The competition is ending on the 27th of May 2018. Then We give People that commented N500.00 each. So make sure you comment with your Gmail account, in order for us to drop you an e-mail, in your mailbox.

let's start it now! 

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