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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trending News!!!-A Female Soldier Accused of Killing a Mentally Deranged Woman at Osisioma Junction in Abia State

A female Soldier who was posted and attached to the Ngwa High School Forward Operation Base ( FOB )in Abia state Nigeria, has been accused with people's evidence of killing a woman at Osisioma junction leading to the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC ) depot off Enugu-Aba-Port Harcourt Expressway.
Although the eyewitnesses said it wasn't done deliberately. She was not planning on killing the innocent mentally deranged woman.

According to the reports, it was reported that the female soldier was on a little fight with a truck pusher, and on the process of the fight, people who witnessed it left for their own lives, and the gun was already corked by the female soldier. 

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Which she was only using it to threaten the truck pusher so as for him not to fight with her, and it was mistakenly released with several bullets on the life of an innocent woman.

“The female soldier, I understand, told the truck pusher to take another route, but the truck pusher refused to heed the instructions of the soldier. The soldier at that point pushed the truck pusher who then charged at the soldier.  Which brought about a fight amongst the both of them.

The gun which had already being corked by the soldier in an obvious maneuver to scare the truck pusher rented the air and in the process attracted other soldiers to the scene.

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The woman because of her mental state couldn’t run to safety when the incident was going on. She was in the process hit by several bullets while the man was dragging the gun with the soldier. 

The man has later swept away into the Ngwa High School base of the Nigerian Army while the body of the dead woman was equally taken alongside with them.” an eyewitness said

The remains of the deceased have been deposited at the state morgue. What a pain to the family of the deceased.

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  1. Omg! I was surprised at this incident, when I saw the title. Thank God She didn't do it deliberately.