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Saturday, March 31, 2018

'Rapists' are Exposed Naked and Demonstrated for Attacking a 17-Year-Old Girl' in India

Infuriated and angry villagers in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India severely penalized two men they accused of raping a 17-year-old girl.  The angry mob paraded the duo naked through the streets of Yingkiong in far northeastern with their hands tied behind their backs as women slapped them, while some little children pour them water, and some spit on them.
'Rapists' are Exposed Naked and Demonstrated for Attacking a 17-Year-Old Girl' in India
It has really been a shameful thing to both rapers who deliberately raped the poor girl by force without even having mercy on the age of the poor girl, while some people said, why not they go and pay some prostitutes hanging on the street seeking for intercourse.

The 'rapists' were reportedly handed over to local police after they were humiliated in public, round about the village and around the markets in the village.

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In the confirmation of the alleged incident, Police Deputy Inspector General by name: John Neihlaia told Daily Mail: 'It seems the public did such a thing before handing the two to the police.' 

He never believed they would have one such to those men, before handing the case over to the police, but the truth is that they did that out of anger and bitterness in their heart due to what they have done to such a young girl without having a second thought about it.

Therefore, they will never have a biased mind in exposing them to shame.

According to him, the young girl of 17years who is the victim has agreed to go out with one of the men after befriending him on social media but claimed he and three of his friends raped her. 
'Rapists' are Exposed Naked and Demonstrated for Attacking a 17-Year-Old Girl' in India
He said the men allegedly dropped her home about 2am and the brave girl went to the police the next morning.

'Meanwhile, the victim's relatives and neighbors caught two of the accused and handed them over to the police,' Inspector General Neihlaia said.

The authorities say Police are still hunting for the other two suspects who they believed are in their 20s. They must have to give more punishment to the rapists in order for them to disclose the names and the identity of the remaining rapists that escaped.

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