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Thursday, January 18, 2018

A 60 Years Old Herbalist Rapes Woman Sick Of Down's Syndrome

An Old herbalist at 60 by name Tajudeen Akintoye rapes a young woman who suffers from Down's syndrome and he is now in the cell at the state criminal investigation and intelligence department in Eleweran, of Abeokuta for taking advantage of a woman by name Rachael in Itele of Ado Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State. 
A 60 Years Old Herbalist Rapes Woman Sick Of Down's Syndrome
The so-called Akuntoye is a popular herbalist in his community, which a lot of people respects and some fears him too, the reason is that he is always too secretive and do things when nobody knows or see when he does them. It was noted that the herbalist sneaked into the victim's parents house when the parents had gone out because they live nearby. 

Now I have A question For you: What is Down Syndrome?

In not shell let me illustrate before we continue: In every cell in the human body there is a nucleus, where genetic material is stored in genes. Genes carry the codes responsible for all of our inherited traits and are grouped along rod-like structures called chromosomes. 

Typically, the nucleus of each cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, half of which are inherited from each parent. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 2. 

Now let me give a pictorial representation of how a human with Down's syndrome looks.
See here a baby with Down's syndrome below
Down's syndrome
It was revealed that he was said to have undressed the young lady with Down'syndrome and was already sleeping with her when the parents of the young lady came back and caught him in the act. She was just a girl of 23years old by name Rachael.

The matter was immediately reported at the Itele Police Station as the 23-year-old Anambra State indigene was taken to a hospital for lab tests and check-ups.

Rachael’s father, Leonard Onuzulike, said the incident happened around 11am on Monday.

He also went on and said that Rachael developed that sickness 22years ago, when she was a baby, she was up to the age of walking, but she couldn't walk, she always convulse, and we always take her to the hospital, at the time we noticed what was of her immune systems, we never bothered ourselves rather we realized that when we talk to her, she responds, and react to our words but she cannot talk and respond coherently. her speeches drawl.

Therefore, On Monday My wife and I decided to leave her at home to go to the farm which is just a stone throw from the house. The reason was that we knew that we won't waste much time, we didn't spend less than 30minutes on the farm, we were done.

On, getting home with my dear wife, We were shocked, seeing such an old man on top of our daughter striped himself totally naked, and my daughter too, whom he undressed totally as well. My wife couldn't bear it at all. We apprehended him and handed him over to the police who detained him.

Mr Onuzulike the father to the victim said that he saw him penetrating through his daughter, which a doctor confirmed that there was penetration in the nearby medical centre where she was taken to be examined.

However, Mr Onuzulike lamented that on Wednesday, the police gave him a form to take to the Ota General Hospital for another round of tests on her daughter. Which was done as he desired? Yes.

“When we got to the hospital he said, the doctor did not conduct any examination. He just asked her some questions and filled in her responses. He didn’t perform any test like the first hospital and I hope it is not a ploy to destroy the case,” he added.

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While He was still wondering why they were delaying the prosecution of the suspect, he also wondered why the police at Itele division will ask him to provide a vehicle to convey the suspect from the station to the command headquarters at Abeokuta.

And they threatened they will release the custody if he didn't make the mentioned arrangement on time, they could release the suspect, saying they fear he could die in their custody.

The police at Itele division said the 60 years old herbalist confessed to the crime during the interrogation whereby he is blaming his uncontrollable Libido

The old man said he didn’t know what came over him and that he just couldn’t control his sexual urge which pushed him to enter the house and sleep with the girl. 

I wondered why he couldn’t go to a brothel and why it had to be such a helpless girl. He is a wretched man and the police have been feeding him for the three days he had spent in the cell,” the source said.

Some said he deliberately did it, to bring shame to such a helpless family that has just a child with Down's syndrome. 

Now, The police cannot prosecute the case without the complainant being present when it is being transferred because he needs to know where the matter is being transferred to.”

They had called him and sent him text message regarding the incident. The state Commissioner for Health, Babatunde Ipaye, did not pick his calls.

 He had also yet to respond to a text message on the allegation of medical tests not being carried out on the victim at the Ota General Hospital.

Now, it doesn't mean that the case should be closed, it simply means according to the constitution of Nigeria, the suspect will be kept in their custody until a reply is gotten from Babatunde Ipaye.

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