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Sunday, December 31, 2017

What A Great Story-1st January Incident-For The New Year 2018

We just ended 2017 yesterday, I and my family were on our way coming back from crossover night in our church, we met a man, he asked us to give him direction to a particular place he was going to, unknown to him that we're taking the same direction. Then we asked him to follow us that we know the residence he was asking us, So he then followed us, he asked to help him carry his handbag, that he want to help me hold my little daughter by name Gift, When I handed him gift over for me to carry his heavy bag, he sneezed and told me that blood is coming out from his nose, so I told him that we are almost close to where he is heading to, meanwhile the time was jus 12.15am.
1st January Incident-For The New Year 2018
people were passing by on the street as well because it is a 1st morning of the year. When this man told me to give him the handkerchief inside his bag, I was afraid of opening the bag because I don't know what the bag is full of, though it was very heavy. Surprisingly for me, He shouted on me to give him the handkerchief that there are lots of blood on his nose. I was trying to help out with the so-called handkerchief but the bag refused to open, I was afraid because the blood was flowing more than I expected. 

My first son said, mom, let's leave this man here and run away, he might be a witch, while my First daughter said NO! let's call dad on phone to come and carry him with his car to the hospital nearby so that they can take care of him while we continue our journey home. Left alone for me, I have planned on calling our family doctor that his house is nearby to come with his first aid box to the very T-junction where we were all sitting with the man, asking him to rise up so we can go but he was so tired because he has loosed a lot of blood at his old age.

We thought that it was a joke we never knew that the man was sent to come and test me and my family, we were so troubled, I have to call my husband to come and take him to the hospital, but his numbers were not reachable, then I called the family doctor and he said that he is still in the church, OMG! I was totally fade up, I was battling with my spirit, on what to do. So I told God right there in my heart, that I will never let this, man die like this. I prayed for my 4children and ask them to walk home alone at that time of the mid-night alone, I prayed for them and they left.

I searched for any leaf that will be able to quench the blood flowing down for the nose of that old man, Luckily for me, The bleeding stopped after 35minutes. When he gained back his consciousness, we continued the journey. On the process of the continuation of the journey, he asked me to get him water to drink that he was thirsty, I told him that there was nowhere to buy water because the time was 12-50am, every nearby shop is locked. So he told me that there is water in his bag, which I took the bag down again the second time to give him water, I was still searching for the water inside his bag, I found a dirty gallon with a dirty water I raised up my head to tell him that the water is too dirty for him to drink, he disappeared right in front me. 

Immediately he disappeared, I heard his voice saying to me, take the water to your first daughter, she is sickle cell Anaemia, The Lord has remembered her today because she has a good heart. When she drinks the water tell her it was the old man she helped that gave her the water as a token of appreciation from my heart. He also said to me, as for you, you sacrificed the lives of your children just for an old man you don't even know, As from today, I bless you and name you a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE all the days of your life here on earth, and also, everything you need to become whom you've been praying to be in this life are all in that bag. Go with the bag, and be who want to be. I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth the son of the Highest God. Go and tell the world what I told you. I am coming again and no one will know when I will come.

Tell the world that it doesn't matter how far they spent the year 2017, what matters most is how well it was being spent. Many have wasted many years in their lives thinking that they are living lives in fullness, but it is a wasted life. Why did I use the word wasted life? If from January to December 2017 you did not win a soul for Christ, you have lived a wasted Life. If throughout the year 2017 you have not established any investment in the house of God, It is a wasted life. Look around yourself and see if there is any difference in your business, in your career, in your working place, if there is no difference, It's a wasted year.

Don't let 2018 be like that for you, make the best out of this year and be the best of who you are or who you want to be this year. All you need to do is to abstain from sin, from anything that will bring you closer to your vomit throughout 2017 that you have dropped. When you have a determined mind for God alone this 2018, you will see his mighty hands upon your life and your family just like he did for that innocent woman on the above true life story.

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