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Monday, October 2, 2017

Woman Beats Her House Help to Serious Injury In Anambra State

A woman was with her house help this evening at thrillers family restaurant awka in Anambra state, and also with her own daughter, many people realized that the house help was having a lot of injuries all over her body which lead to the issue and discussion of everyone in that restaurant to the limit they started asking the woman questions but she couldn't give people any single answer related to the question they were asking.
Woman Beats Her House Help to Serious Injury In Anambra State
Many people that were at the restaurant noticed that the woman's daughter looks very pretty, and as well looks good in attire, both in wearing a good polo and short jean trousers, with a very colorful shoe, but to the sight of majority o people in the restaurant towards the house help of the so-called woman, the young girl, between the age range of 13-17 years was wearing an old cloth that looks just like a rag, and also a rubber bathroom slippers that is too old to wear at home, talk more of wearing it to come a public place that people were many.

A police officer was among the people that came to the restaurant to take his lunch, he noticed what people inside there were saying, so he went straight to the woman and asked her what happened to the little girl she came with, she denied that the girl plays a lot in the school and that the maps all over her body were given to her by her class teacher in the school.

Furthermore, the policeman asked the little girl what happened to her body, filled with maps of canes, even the  one almost close to her eyes, then the little girl was afraid of her madam not to continue from where she stopped when they arrive home, the little girl was threatened that she will be locked up in the police station if she doesn't say the truth.

She told the policeman that her aunty whom she leaves with locked her up in the toilet, and beat her for over 2hours because she didn't wash some of her madam's clothes very neat. She was asked to explain the types of clothes that she was told to wash, and she said that they were all jeans trousers, and white polo, while some of the clothes were too big in her hand to handle the shrinking of the cloth.

She also said that they have a washing machine but the woman never allowed her to use the washing machine especially once his uncle travels. So the lady in question couldn't deny the truth said by the girl to the policeman and some other people there in the restaurant.

The woman was arrested for child abuse, and also the little girl was taken to the police station because she said that she can't go back to her madam's place anymore that she will kill her with her bare hands anytime she returns home. So the policeman took the girl to a nearby police station where the girl was questioned, and she revealed that she is from Ebonyi state. That her parents are poor, that was how she landed to the house of the woman who happens to be the wife of her uncle, who as well is maltreating her anytime the uncle travels. 

The policemen called the phone number of the real mother to the little girl which they collected from the girl who said she can dictate the number, They told her to come and pick her daughter the next day unless she wants to carry her daughter's cops the next time she will receive a call. This was how the little girl was saved from the hand of the evil aunty she leaves with.


  1. She is a wicked woman, thank God she was captured!