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Friday, September 8, 2017

Breaking News! The People Of Oji River Enugu State Warns Tipper Drivers To Leave their Place or They all Die

The people of Oji River is bringing it to all the tipper drivers as a notice and as a warning to them to leave their village entirely because of the evil they have done on their land and also to their people. These tipper drivers have killed a lot of our villagers and we can't take it any longer from them and if they continue with this we will burn their tippers and the government is not going to do any thing to us, They said.
Breaking News! The People Of Oji River Enugu State Warns Tipper Drivers To Leave their Place or They all Die
Just last week being the 9th of September 2017 at INYI round about a tipper on a high speed killed a woman of 27years old with her only child of 2years old who was on top of a bike heading to the Oji wonderful market to buy things for her family. The government didn't d anything about it, all we heard was that the tipper driver ran away because he noticed they were totally dead.

Now, the youths of OJI RIVER says: WE CAN"TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! It's either they leave our village entirely or they will follow our rules and regulations for them, which is: we will give them the time they will be operating, and also we will give them the deadline of the days they will operate for the safety of our people in OJI RIVER Enugu State.

It is no longer a baby talk anymore, we are having a serious youth meeting or the tipper drivers, We will burn them and their tippers into pieces, and we won't have remorse for one second on what we will do them because we are sick and tired of them. The tipper drivers are being warned now, is either you leave OJI RIVER entirely or you DIE!!!

However, we are bringing this notice as a warning to everyone who knows any of his/her family whom he/she doesn't want to loose untimely, should tell them that we are no longer happy seeing them taking over our roads as if they own it. We the youths of Oji say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH TO TIPPER DRIVERS IN OUR VICINITY, whether you are from OJI or not be warned because it is no longer bearable to us, and it's no longer safe for you. 

The tipper drivers are supposed to driving gently on the road for the safety of other cars that drivers on the road too, but instead you see them crush a little boy riding on bicycle, or a man driving on his bike, and the worst part of it is that they never stop to show remorse, even if at all they stop, they'll find reasons to blame the other person. We can' bear it anymore.

The people of Oji river warns tipper drivers to leave their village as soon as possible before it' too late for them. And if at all they want to stay let them operate only in the midnight when children and mothers with fathers are already at their various homes sleeping.
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