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Friday, August 4, 2017

Priest Rejects, Dumps and Resigns of Being A Roman Catholic Priest

A Catholic priest in Nigeria has announced on a live radio program that he has resigned from the Catholic church by name Rev. Fr. Patrick Edet. He served under the constitution of Catholic Diocese of Uyo in the Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria, He has been a popularly known voice on the radio in the state, throughout His weekly live programs called Grace and inspiration. 
Priest Rejects, Dumps and Resigns of Being A Roman Catholic Priest
Patrick Edet
On a beautiful Wednesday morning, On the planet 101.1FM, Uyo, on his normal program time and inspirational words, instead of broadcasting his usual teachings and gospel words which he use to do over the years, that has brought so many listeners from different states and countries in the world, Mr. Edet as he is answering now dropped the shocking News on the live Radio. 

He said to the world: On the 31st of July 2017, I resigned from my services, posts, duties, and obligations as a Catholic priest, I cease to be a Catholic priest in my spirit, thinking, body, and in my soul. on the 1st of August 2017 was my first day outside the laws, rules, regulations, do's and don'ts of the Roman Catholic church.

In my life, I knew that every law that bound me then, bound me because I submitted my life to Catholic church as an institution, and right now: having submitted my resignation letter to the superior authorities in Catholic church, in my spirit, soul, and body, I'm totally free from every law that guided me before. As from today, I submit myself to one authority and His name is GOD.

I have been a priest for eleven (11) good years in Akwaibom state, which has a high Catholic population. You'll hardly see a Nigerian priest quit the Catholic church, no matter whatever he is passing through, no matter the hard time they experience, even when some of them will be pursued out from the priesthood, they still come back to beg for their posts. I prayed and fasted for seven months before taking this decision to leave the Catholic church entirely both as a priest and as a member. 

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