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Thursday, August 17, 2017

I will sack Wenger If I Buy Arsenal- Dangote Says

One of the Africa's Richest man by name Aliko Dangote said in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the first thing he would do if he buys Arsenal Club is to dismiss the club manager by name Arsene Wenger. Dangote said that he will consider buying the club as soon as the $11 billion oil refinery business he is construction in Lagos is completed. 
I will sack Wenger If I Buy Arsenal- Dangote Says
Dangote went on in saying that the first thing he would change is the coach, though he has done a good and wonderful job all these years, someone else needs to be tried, someone else needs to display his own techniques as a coach too. Let' not keep seeing the same strategy of the same coach, so as for the clubs to move forward.

Nigeria has gone far to the extent that e can't continue doing or be listening the same voice every now and then because this has caused a lot of damages to the club, although the damages are not from the coach, but left alone to me. I'll change a new coach and try another hand of a coach.

We are no longer in darkness, we are no longer waiting to see things happen, we have to make things happen, we have to make sure that things are going the right way they're supposed to go, even though the person on that seat as a coach is someone we love so much, we can still be making reference to Him while we love someone else too. We're moving to our only best way forward and we must get there.

Wenger the coach who renewed his two-year contract with Arsenal in May this year is one of the best and longest Europe's serving manager, who was first appointed in the year 1996 and has won three (3) premier league and seven (7) FA Cup trophies. That is a great achievement and a great legacy to the next coach i'll bring in once i buy that club.
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