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Monday, August 14, 2017

Amara Nwosu The relationship Expert is getting Divorced The Second Time

A few years ago, Amara Nwosu revealed how she suffered terribly in the hand of an old man whom she was given away to marry as her husband at the age of 17 by her parents. She suffered so horribly that she couldn't endure the pains of the suffering and the beat of her life which she gets from the man to the extent that she divorced him. After the divorce, she started writing articles on relationships and marriages on Facebook and all her social media which helped a lot of women out there in their marriages as they as well testifies in her social media comment boxes.
Amara Nwosu The relationship Expert is getting Divorced The Second Time
In the year 2014 she announced to the world both on Facebook that she was getting married again the second time to a U.S based so called pastor by name: Francis Van_Lare and just after 2years of the marriage, a private photo of showing where her husband grabbed her boobs went viral on social media, which she was surely and totally enjoying her marriage as she said.

Just yesterday on her Facebook wall, Amara Nwosu shared a post that she will be officially divorcing the so called pastor on the 16th of October this year and also that she has reverted her mother's maiden name. see the above post below: 

"Dear Family"
I definitely know that you people will feel bad to hear this strange and shocking news, this is to personally and officially let you people know that I have reverted my maiden's name, and it's my choice and nobody should ask me why. Mr. Francis Van-Lanre will cease to be my husband from the 16th of October 2017. I repeat again please don;t ask me what happened, all you need to know is that it's for my good and for the good of my God-given Children, and if you can do me a favor, just thank God for my children and I. I know that you must ask questions, Just keep sending your questions and let Oluwa be glorified.

NOTE: Please don't delay in telling me what they say about me because definitely, people must say something and none of them are willing and ready to carry my responsibilities for me. Believe anything you choose to believe, what matters most to me right now is what God says and that is final, secondly: as long as my family is in support of this, I'm fully fine and Okay with it. 

Don't forget, "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it". There's no stopping Amara! Stay on top and keep praying for me". 

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