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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A 77-Years old Grand Pa Arrested for Raping His Step Daughter

A 77 years Old grand Pa was arrested by the FBI for raping his step daughter after the young girl posted the video of the rape on her Snap Chat while she was drunk.A 77-Years old Grand Pa Arrested for Raping His Step DaughterThe young lady of twenty years old whose name will not be mentioned was plied with Alchohol by his grand pa by name: James Allen, and when he realized that she was intoxicated to the extent that she couldn't recognize where she was or what she was doing at the moment, he raped her at his home in Marblehead, Ohio. The monitor cameras in his home were still on of which it didn't occur to his mind to switch them off or to break them to pieces.


The friends of the very young girl of 20years saw the video on her snap chat and they contacted the FBI in Marblehead, Ohio, which has to lead to the arrest and charging of James Allen on Tuesday morning. The young girl was supported by the FBI agents after the discovery of the unwanted s..xual act and conduct.

The FBI agents tortured the prosecutor for doing such harm to his step daughter, they are as well thinking and wondering why he should even think of doing such harm to anyone at all. A grand Pa has been arrested for raping his step daughter. James Allen has been held on $1million bond, He appeared in court Wednesday and told a judge he didn’t have an attorney but plans on hiring one. What a shame to a father like James Allen.

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