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Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019 (Get Massive Traffic)

Hello, welcome to my blog once again, In our todays article we are going to learn Advanced technique to write SEO articles in 2019 and get massive traffic

i noticed blogging has become very competitive this days, alot of people are aware of most SEO tips, thats why sometimes you find it hard to Rank on google even when you think you are doing the right thing, but this is because many other people are doing the same SEO articles techniques with you.

As a blogger if i should ask God for three things i will ask for Traffic, More Traffic and Organic Traffic and of course i cant achieve that without Good SEO i know some newbies will be asking “What is SEO?”.Today i will also teach you how to write search engine optimized articles that rank

Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles

How to write SEO articles that rank on Google.

Try To Understand And Know Your Audience
Alot of people think writting SEO articles is just about Building links but the secret is Google is interested in Ranking whats best for the users, How many page views you are getting, the percentage of bounce rates on your site and also the time on page, how long your audience are engaging with your content

try as much as possible to write user friendly and mobile friendly content If all this is achieved in great amount that tells google that people are liking what they see on your blog and they are engaging with your contents, so Google is going to rank you on first page. By Understanding user experience you are going to know whats keeping your audience and whats making them leave your site

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  2. Write Good SEO Tittle Tags

Imaging you are writting an article with a tiltle “How To Get Your Banned Adsense Account Back”

Just tell me why your visitors won’t click on that head title to find out what its all about, since there is no way you could get your Adsense account back once it is banned.

That is what we call Killer Headline, it makes your audience feel like if they don’t click on that particular title they are gonna die, but nobody is going to die anyway haha

You should also try to make your contents as fresh as possible because this is going to amaze your audience, they are gonna love what you do, they are going to subscribe to your newsletter and in the end you are gonna get more traffic and rank in Google

  3. Optimize Your Contents

Each time you write articles try to optimize your contents with the yoast SEO pluging, if you are not using the Yoast SEO plugging then you are just wasting your time blogging. Optimizing SEO Content with Yoast plugging is the best way to create search engine friendly articles if you really wanna rank on google

This is exactly what google wants you to do

Your focus keyphrase is the keyword you want your post or page to rank for you should try as much as possible to provide the best focus keyphrase, if you are using the free version of yoast seo pluging you are allowed to use only one keyphrase but with the premium version you could use as many as you want

Focus Keyphrase Tips (what is Focus Keyphrase?)

Your focus keyphrase MUST be found in your title tag (The heading of your blog post)
It MUST be found In Your Slung and Meta Description and it shouldn’t be found more than 2 time in your meta description (don’t over optimize the keyphrase) i used the world MUST because am not giving you an option here, its something you have to do without thinking of other alternatives, you have no reason or what so ever to skip it

You can see above in one of my blog posts my focused keyphrase is appearing just twice in my Meta description, my readability analysis is also smiling lol

If you optimize your contents correctly and tackle out the necessary mistakes you are going to have good results and you are going to increase your ranking massively

  4. Do Keyword Research (SEO Articles)

what are Keywords? Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject

While doing keyword research keep in mind of these three things

Keywords Search Volume
Search competition
Keywords CPC
Search volume simply means the total number of searches Google receives monthly about a particular keyword.

If for instance the monthly traffic of a keyword is 20k, it means that Google is receiving 20,000 monthly search about that particlular keyword.

When doing your keywords research it is a wise idea to target keywords that have very high search volume with low competition. You can find them then you are likely to get more organic traffic irrespective of your blogging platform or blogging niche.

if you are looking for the best Keyword too/keyword suggestion tool read more about SMErush and Keywords Everywhere, the most powerful keyword research tools

keyword competition tells you the percentage of the competition a keyword possess you should try to avoid high competitive keywords and go for the ones with low competition by doing that you are going to rank in google search engine

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  5. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage.When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink for example if Nairaland links to my blog page here (legacytips) then that will be considered as a backlink.

A page with a lot of backlinks is expected to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google.

Backlinks can be classified into dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks and each class have a work it does to improve the web performance of a webpage. With do-follow links meaning links pointing to your webpage it contains a very useful tool. in that process Google spider in charge of analytic algorithm will see your page as a very useful page thus moving its position on SERP’s to a position that higher 

How To Build Backlinks For A New Website (SEO backlinks Builder)

If your website is new and fresh and you are looking for websites to build backlinks then consider this free SEO banklinks websites (Backlinks Genetator)

All you need to do is visit those sites and comment on their post including your website url (e.g you can also use links to your various blog posts, for some websites you may have to create an account with them before you can comment. just try as much as possible and do the needful, aftyer that just sit and watch as you will get high quality backlinks free

6. Building Internal Links

Internal Link Building is one of the way to optimize your articles.Google love blogs with good internal linking. Linking back to well optimized posts from your blog posts is one of the ways through which you can improve your website Google search ranking.

When inter linking your articles use rich SEO keywords as your anchor texts. Just like Google read other texts from your blog it also reads your anchor texts.Don’t just link back to your posts also link back to other authoritative blogs as this will earn you more ranking potentials.

Conclusion: Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles
If this article was helpful kindly comment and let me know, it motivates me to do better. subscribe to my newsletter to keep receive fresh updates like this one, your interest is my priority
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Recharge And Get Paid Review: How Does RAGP Works

Recharge And Get Paid also known as RAGP is the trending business opportunity here in Nigeria. in our todays article i am going to share with you how this platform works and how to make money online on it, since there are numerous ways to make money on this platform. 

Recharge and get paid offers one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria today. New members joining the program are called distributors and are placed in a 3×10 forced matrix that allows members to earn a residual income even when they stop working. 

Before i proceed further with recharge and get paid review i want you to understand that you are not going to become a millionaire over night, recharge and get paid is not a money doubling game but if you build with us, you could start earning millions in in few months Recharge and get paid has changes peoples financial stories and giving them hopeSee enh, 

not all those who slay on facebook are jobless or lack ideas, there are lot of them making things happen without making noise ok no story, the image below explained little of this business, if you are ready to double your hustle, come and lets rock this one too. Don’t forget that its either you join early or wail around when everybody is already filled up

How Does Recharge And Get Paid Works

Recharge And Get Paid or RAGP is a telecome company with a platform that uses Licensed VTU (Vitual Top Up) to recharge products of MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL Data Subscribtions as well as Cable TV Subscriptions To cut the whole grammar short, Recharge and get paid is one among the best VTU business in Nigeria where you earn on every recharge you do. 

The business has two aspects, the VTU and the REFFERAL MARKETING aspect. Recharge and Get Paid Has two aspects Distribution and Marketing Distribution involves selling airtime, if you are a student in the tertiary institution you can capitalize this opportunity to be selling recharge cards in the hostels and make real money from it you see how easy and cool it looks right Meanwhile Marketing involves introducing the company/business to prospects and signing them up To make fortune out of this business, you have to fully embrace the two aspects

How To Make Money On Recharge And Get Paid

When you recharge/sell airtime, you get paid (2%)
If you buy/sell data, you get paid (10%)
When you refer you friends, babes and guys to join this platform you get paid (20%) with point values
If your referrals (the people who joined the platform under you) recharge or buy airtime you get paid (0.35%)
When you buy data, you get paid (4%) just like that, inst that awesome?
If your referrals (the people who joined the platform under you) refer people to join the platform, you get paid (10%) with point value
Once you register and become a member on RAGP you will receive a welcome bonus of (20%)
You will also receive a leadership bonus of N100,000 monthly if your PV is not less than ₦10,000
Qualification for an International tip fund of ₦500,000 when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦25,000
You will also qualify for a car fund of ₦2 million when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦60,000
Qualification for a house fund of ₦3 million when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦10,000
You will also qualify for a final house fund of ₦6 million when your cumulative PV is not less than ₦500,000
There is an opportunity to own your personal online shop from which you can distribute telecom products

Where Do I Get Recharge Cards To Sell On This Platform? I know this is a question everybody will ask, how to sell recharge cards being a RAGP member, How do you get the cards? As we all know, technology sells card, thats why it us called top-up. 

The card is not printable. All transactions takes place on your online account. you just need to have ewallet in your RAGP account. That is where you will be recharging or selling from You should also note that you don’t need a laptop in order to do this business, your smart phone is more than enough, you just need to dedicate yourself to it and lastly be as smart as your smart phone

Recharge And Get Paid Packages

Below are the packages available on RAGP and their respective benefits
Basic = ₦5,000 – You get ₦1000 bonus + 20PV. You earn up to 5th level deep.
Bronze = ₦10,000 – You get ₦2000 bonus + 40PV. You earn up to 6th level deep.
Silver = ₦20,000 – You get ₦4000 bonus + 80PV. You earn up to 7th level deep.
Gold = ₦30,000 – You get ₦6000 bonus + 120PV. You earn up to 8th level deep.
Diamond = ₦40,000 – You get ₦8000 bonus + 160PV. You earn up to 9th level deep.
Platinum = ₦50,000 – You get ₦10,000 bonus + 200PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.
Executive Platinum = ₦100,000 – You get ₦20,000 bonus + 400PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

Earnings From Referrals

For example, let’s say you referred 5 persons to RAGP and the 5 persons referred their own 5 each, and it goes on and on; see what you will be earning as a Basic Member (₦5,000). 1st Level – 5 persons (20%) Total PV: 100PV Earning = ₦ 5,000.00 2nd Level – 25 persons (10%) Total PV: 500PV Earning = ₦12,500.00 3rd Level – 125 persons (5%) Total PV: 2,500PV Earning = ₦31,250.00 4th Level – 625 persons (2.5%) Total PV: 12,500PV Earning = ₦78,125.00 5th Level – 3,125 persons (1.25%) Total PV: 62,500PV Earning = ₦195,312.50 6th Level – 15,625 persons (1%) Total PV: 312,500PV Earning = ₦781,250.00 7th Level – 78,125 persons (1%) Total PV: 1,562,500PV Earning = ₦3,906,250.00 8th Level – 390,625 persons (1%) Total PV: 7,812,500PV Earning = ₦19,531,250.00 9th Level – 1,953,125 prsn (1%) Total PV: 39,062,500PV Earning = ₦97,656,250.00 10th Level – 9,765,625 prsn (1%) Total PV: 195,312,500PV Earning = ₦488,281,250.00 PV simply means Point Value. Your total or cumulative points value is the summation of the PVs of all your downlines (direct and indirect). You can also download recharge and get paid app from playstore

How To Register On Recharge And Get Paid

Before you register i want you to understand that one of the key factor in succeeding in anything you do is understanding the basic things you need to do to make it work If you are convinced to join this telecom business that could change your life story click below Recharge and get paid is business very simple and easy to do, it is very easy in the sense that you don’t need a shop or huge capital to begin, you can actually do this business with your smartphone

Is Recharge And Get Paid Legitimate?

RAGP is duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC we have partnership with MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL, DSTV, STARTIMES, GOTV and PHCN Their mission is to create employment opportunities for youths and students Office Address Located At Suit C16 & C17, Danziyal Plaza, Central Business District Abuja  

Top Secret Why You Should Join Recharge And Get Paid

Did you know that in every ₦100 Airtime you buy data from banks Mobile App, the bank makes ₦5 Let me quick show you a jealousy guarded secret that banks have been hiding from us Nigerians Our population is 200 million plus and do you know that 170 million phone lines are active? 

out of these lines about 70 million recharge everyday? Now lets say that the 70 million Nigerians buy ₦100 Airtime daily, multiply ₦5 by 70 million.. the answer is ₦350 million. This is what banks make at least a day when you multiply it with 30 days (one month) it gives ₦10.5 Billion This is the major reason why all banks in Nigeria are selling Airtime, Data, Cable Tv Subscriptions, Electricity bill payments and other VTU based Transactions Now you know the Secrets Inbox me on whatsapp below to Join RAGP
Summary Of Earning Opportunities

When You recharge you get paid
You buy data you get paid
When you subscribe Tv you get paid
You refer people and you also get paid
When your People (downline) recharge you also get paid Even when they buy data you still get paid
When they refer their friends you receive commission
Once you register and activate your account you will receive a welcome bonus and lots more..

Conclusion: Recharge And Get Paid

Successful people always take advantage of opportunities. Recharge and get paid gives average Nigerians like you and i an opportunity to share in the telecom wealth for those who choose to grab it Join recharge and get paid today and become a giver of testimonies 
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Best Job apps in Nigeria- Exclusive List

Why don’t you have a job after graduating from the university with a good result?

Even after writing your CV or résumé as you call it; submitted it to many firms, conducting fasting and prayer (a necessity).

You’ve kept on searching for a job for a couple of months or years as the case may be and you still don’t get your desired job!

Here’s the reason why you’re still under this category of people; the answer is simple and crisp “You’ve been doing it the wrong way”.

The wrong way? Yes the wrong way.

In this present day and age, you shouldn’t be dependent on old methods and ways of job search like;

Checking the newspaper every blessed day or submitting your résumé to firms that don’t need it.

And even when they need it you’re just a fraction of tons and tons of applications they review everyday.

Unless you’re lucky, you have connections or God shows you mercy, the chances of you getting the job is very scarce because most applications end up in the trash cans.

So in a nut shell how can you avoid all of that?

You can avoid all these with the use of Job Apps In Nigeria.

What are Job Apps?

Job Apps are mobile applications that provides you reliable and authentic job listings, recruitments and opportunities all over Nigeria.

From the comfort of your homes, home is a bit broad, I’ll scale it down a little. From the comfort of your bedroom yeah that’s better.

Just imagine, all that stress of trekking under the hot sun aimlessly for years when you can search for jobs and listings at your convenience.

So I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the Top and Best Job Apps in Nigeria to leverage if you want a job.

Without further a do, let’s dive right in.

Top List of Best Job Apps in Nigeria for free download

Below are the best job apps in Nigeria. you can download and explore them for free using your android Mobile.

LinkedIn- Best Job App

If I don’t mention LinkedIn who will? *smiles. LinkedIn mobile app has always topped the chart in terms of Job Search despite prominent competitors.

Why is that? LinkedIn is not just an app for job search, it is also an app for professional social networking.

If you ever want the job of your dreams, you shouldn’t be told twice before you become conversant with this awesome platform.

If there’s an ultimate definition for Job Search Application then LinkedIn would be your best bet.

Features of LinkedIn:

Enhanced Job Search filter that enables you navigate easily through millions of job openings to your desired specification.
It automatically sends alerts and notifications on job openings to users.
Provides Companies to job seekers or Recruiting Managers to job seekers connections.
You can create your own profile and display your qualifications.
It enables you submit your application to opportunities alongside your résumé with few click.

Vast knowledge base and latest industry news.
Jobberman- Top Job App in Nigeria
Second on our list is the Jobberman Mobile Job Search Application. With roughly over 1.5 million users and 30,000 job seekers, JobberMan has being upfront for quite some years now in terms of job listings and recruitments.

Jobberman is the most popular and widely used Job search application in the whole of Nigeria.

It’s well known for bringing employers and possible job seekers together.

Features of JobberMan:

JobberMan has both web version and mobile application that coincides to give you unbeatable user experience.
It provides first hand information on available job opportunities and requirements.
It has an easy to use layout and well designed interface.
Provides quality and priceless advice on career choices, opportunities and solutions for business owners.

JobberMan has well structured categories to make navigating and searching for listings fast and as specific and possible.
Careers 24- Job App in Nigeria
Our third place winner is Careers24 Mobile Job Search Application. As a subsidiary of Media24, Careers25 is one of the top Job Search Applications in the whole of Nigeria.

It’s one of the leading and trendy job search application portals in Nigeria that makes job search fast, easy and relaible.

Features of Careers24:

Provides thousands of job listings to choose from.
It allows you to bookmark and shortlist various job opportunities or listings.
It enables you sign up to get job alerts and notifications sent straight to your inbox.
Careers24 has in-app customised Job Hunt Features.
Provides Company Reviews/ Companies to job seekers relationships.

Jobs In Lagos Mobile App:

I’m sorry to those who don’t want to work or live in Lagos, Nigeria. But for those who want to before you get that job if you don’t come back and appreciate me, you’ll see me in your dreams *laughing.

NG Careers- Best job app in Nigeria
Aside being a very prominent job search application portal in Nigeria, NG Careers is well-known for providing comprehensive courses and information for job seekers as well as employers in order to develop mutual relationships among each other.

NG Careers has been in the game for a couple of years now and never falls to deliver.

Features of NG Careers:

They provide very accurate and verified job listings to ensure they deliver quality user experience.

You can easily create your profile and upload your résumé and qualifications for easy access and visibility.
Provides information of job listings in all Nigerian States.
Easy interaction with job seekers and employers to share their views.
Provides courses and information to provide job seekers to employers relationships.
Jobs In Nigeria Mobile App
After downloading Jobs In Nigeria Mobile App the first that captured my mind was the awesome user interface

It has a smooth, easy to use and mobile responsive interface.

Jobs In Nigeria Mobile App, provides job listings from various sectors; Health, NGOs, Banking, you just name it and you’ll get it.

Features of Jobs In Nigeria Mobile App:

Provides job listings from prominent job websites in Nigeria.
In-app automated synchronisation.
Provides certain features for offline use and access.
Multiple themes to choose from, you could choose the one that suites you.
You can share jobs via multiple social media platforms with ease and convenience.
Call Out Jobs- FreeJob app in Nigeria
Unlike your regular job searching apps in Nigeria, Call Out Jobs has a little twist to how they operate.

This special job app is a searching app that connects services providers to home owners.

Call Out Jobs is a very securd and premier app that connects local and verified workers to employers.


Only verified and trusted local service providers are enlisted.
They ensure qualified service providers are listed and they enable you provide feedbacks and reviews about services to ensure they only provide best of service.
Excellent Customer Support: About 85% speedy response rate per each quote requested for.
Escrow Services: They act as middle men in terms of payment for both service providers and employers.
Multiple Job Listings; From Plumbers to Bricklayers, they’ve got you covered.
Other Job Search Applications In Nigeria includes;

NGOs and Government Jobs Mobile App. Mobile App.
Olx Mobile App.
Conclusion: Legit Job apps In Nigeria

Thanks to improvement in technology, looking for a job in these present age has never been this fast, easy and reliable.

When looking for Jobs in Nigeria, these new and super improved job search applications above are here to help.

I wish you the best of luck when searching for the job of your dreams with this comprehensive list in mind.

Thanks for reading, if you like this article please comment and share with your loved onces and friends.

Which App are you going to try out first?

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Untold SEO Secrets and tactics for Entertainment and Download Niche Bloggers

Keywords-everywhere, some bloggers are like “sir, Can i use keywords research method for my music and entertainment blog?” The truth is that when you look at those niches with ordinary view you will think keywords research aren’t relevant. In every Blogging niche wither download, entertainment, Music and videos, News , Politics or whatever, there are always keywords that fans are using to make searches more often to others. 

in that case keywords research is also relevant since people from that niche are typing certain keywords on google and other search engines to find answers. That answered the question: If you can use the keywords research method for ent and other similar blogging niches. 

Thanks for reading that since that’s not our main theme here but am sure it it’s helpful. (not teaching keywords research but this post is something similar and very helpful indeed so pay full attention). I don’t want to write much here instead i want to share with you some strategies that works when you blog entertainment and other similar niches where you think keywords research aren’t relevant.

Generating Traffic from Google

There’s one general concept when it comes to generating traffic from google and other search engines which is: Find the keywords which people are typing in Google to make their searches ” Write about them and rank for them Your blog will only show up when such keywords are found in your site: 

Remember your blog won’t still show up if the keywords are too competitive (meaning some other big blogs have talked about them) Even when you blog about them in your new blog, it may not rank instead the big blogs does. I won’t touch that much but listen up. If am to become entertainment blogger today and since keywords research looks some how in this niche, here’s how i will go about it.

Getting Keywords for entertainment and similar Niches

I will do the normal copy and paste which is generally accepted for all entertainment, Download, and other similar Niches. There’s no way you can Write your own lyrics because you want to be a unique blogger who blogs about music lyrics (that will lead you to changing the entire song) 

Automatically every lyrics blogger should be a copy and paste hero. Unless you’re a big brand you won’t get such time to write news: only if you want to kill yourself. Let’s say you struggle to write how Davido got married in Lagos: 

Did you know that in few days time no body wants to read that again? We all are aware that He’s married so we are looking for other trending updates. That’s why you won’t be able to constantly update your blog as a news blogger with unique contents simply because Trending news of Today will trend no more tomorrow. 

Talking about Music Blogs: Can you change the title of a newly released music because you want your blog to be unique? E.g Davido- Assurance will always remain that in every blog and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Or will you sing your own music and stop copying jamzs from other websites? I bet you can’t do that. Automatically Copy and paste is forever welcomed in the world of blogging. 

Unless you blog on evergreen Niches like this one you’re reading from. Even in 10yrs from Now this post you’re reading will still be trending as there will always be high demand for this article forever and ever. 

Am only writing the above to let you know that copy and paste isn’t a sin in blogging only in some certain niches which i have mentioned above but here’s how to get traffic from google even when you dwell on such niches. Talking Download Niche as a case study.

The power of Corner Stone articles
Keep doing your normal Copy and paste but make sure you have some backup articles: This articles will be well researched and they will keep driving longterm traffic to your blog. 

They are mostly “List Articles” E.g

Top 10 Trending Music of 2019
Olamide Latest Music of the year
Best music of Frank Edwards 2019
Most of this backup Articles comes in list form and they may likely have the year Tag to them. You will only be updating them every year to keep them fresh and Trending. You will have a category in your blog where you will write about those Backup articles. They should be original and well written, 

Well formatted for SEO sake since they are the building Blocks of your blog. They are called Corner Stone Articles. You’re only doing this so that even when the normal news you post stop Trending your traffic won’t go down instead you will keep getting google traffic via your corner stone articles. Here’s How to find Corner Stone Topic Ideas for your music and download blogs using google related searches. 

I needed to make another corner stone article about frank Edwards songs so i just typed in Frank Edward songs on Google and scroll down the the related searches section and below are the keywords i saw.  It means some group of persons are using all of the above keywords to make searches. 

(You can’t know the actual amount of persons searching for that but the way the keywords sounds will show you psychologically if many people are using the keywords or not). So i just watch the whole keywords carefully, then i clicked on Best of frank Edward songs that must be very lucrative keywords. 

After clicking on it, Brows through the first page to see how many of your competitors who are ranking for this keywords. But looking at that, Very few are ranking for it and even the ones ranking don’t have good SEO posts about that keywords. Automatically they are only ranking by chance. 

Which means if you can optimize your post for this keywords you will beat them with little time. Don’t just pick this keywords to start Listing the best songs of frank Edwards without using your target keywords. After getting such keywords, Now that you want to write make sure you use this keywords in your post introduction.

E.g Searching for Best of Frank Edwards songs 2019? This article will show you the most Trending and top songs of Edwards and their download links

After writing about that as my first paragraph, if am to be you i will do a little introduction about frank Edwards just to make the article outstanding. After that it’s time to list your songs. Before you list, Use the keywords a your subheading.. followed by your listing. After the list, Draw a conclusion and make sure to use your keywords in your conclusion

E.g Yes i really love Frank Edwards as one of the best gospel musicians in Nigeria. From the above list of best frank Edwards songs of the year which one is your favourite? As for me all of them are my favourite i so much love them. Don’t forget to share this page to get more updates about latest songs of Edwards and other top gospel musicians

With the above conclusion i have used my keywords in my last paragraph. You can now publish your post. Don’t forget to use the keywords as your focused keywords for WordPress users, Don’t forget to use the keywords in your post description, Don’t forget to use the keywords in your url e.g [] You need more of such corner stone articles. believe me they will keep driving organic traffic to your blog if you do them rightly. This is one secrete you can use in driving organic traffic to your music and video (download Blogs).

For Typical Entertainment Bloggers

Instead of just blogging entertainment as your niche why not blog everything you can. Entertainment does not just mean you should talk about news and gists. You Also need to upload music, Videos or even apps they are all part of entertainment. Beside that you can also use the above method on your ent blog. it’s not only meant for pure download sites. I needed to make an update about Linda Ikeji so i just typed Linda Ikeji Husband on google and scroll to Google related searches hope you can see some of the lucrative keywords which are easy to rank (They are easy to rank because when i clicked on them very little or non has talked about them with the SEO strategies i shared above)

Conclusion: It might not be easy

Hope you didn’t forget that SEO cannot work properly without Link Building? they all goes together. That’s why when it comes to making things work as desired in blogging can never be easy. It’s a matter of time and strategies that works: 

The above inscription is just to give you a clue of the best practices you can use in your blogging niche. So far i have been able to show you strategies to get your keywords and how to use them carefully in your write ups or posts in order to rank for them (always remember this). The positions you use the keywords matters that’s why i gave you above examples because the more your keywords show up the higher your ranking chances increase. Nothing Good comes easy like i always say: 

In blogging you work for every single result you get. There’s no cheating about that. If you find this article helpful why not share with others who might also be in need of them. One more thing: The above method to finding and using keywords is applicable in every other blogging niche.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Giftalworld Review-How does Giftalworld income program works?

“Why have you stopped writing reviews about income programs” Since we do make a lot of money from them. I got my reasons for that: I was so much angry at the fall of many income programs which were actually doing well initially but after a while they turned to something else and my readers were complaining bitterly. I was like damn. 

why should i review anymore income program when the existing ones are staggering. That was the actual reason why i muted the income program reviews pending when i would find a trustworthy and a better one worth reviewing. I have come again after a while to share another income program with you. An income program you can trust, 

An income program that pays with or without referral, An income program that’s legit and scam free, An income program that cares about its audience and that’s no other income program but Giftalworld. Giftalworld has been there for some months now and i was only observing them to see what others are saying about them and how their activities works but now i must tell you they are awesome. In this Giftalworld income program review, 

You will learn how Giftalworld works, How to make money from Giftalworld, Giftalworld payment proofs, Giftalworld Registration and Login Guide etc. .

Giftalworld Registration Guide: How to Join Giftalworld income program

Click on the Giftalworld Registration Link Fill in your details Correctly, such as Your name, Email, Phone number , password etc

After filling the whole forms correctly, Click Place Order to continue your registration. The next page will prompt you to make payment of 1,700naira which is the Giftalworld Activation fee. From the page, click on Pay now The next page will show up asking which payment 
means you prefer. Just select Pay with Card (with this, you will easily make your payment using your ATM card)  Enter Your ATM card details and complete your payment. Immediately your payment is successful, 

1,700 Naira will be deducted from your Bank account and your Giftalworld Account will be activated. After activation, Now it’s time to make money from the platform. To get started read below methods on how to make money from Giftalworld income program

How to make money from Giftalworld income program
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What is there payment Dates?

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Key Features Of a Successful Mobile App

We love and Inspire what we see in App when using it more especially when it help us to reach a goal/task thereby making us to be comfortable with it and considered as the best.

Every App must have a key content of successful App so as to reach its clients Goals and satisfaction they need .

Below are the Key features of a successful mobile App

1. Discovery Stage:-

This is the first step of every AppDeveloper must make so as to ensure proper decision on how certain App could be, the strategies to apply for effective results yields, always find your aim toward your App. 

Always Strategies a way of making your App a problem solving Aspet to your clients because thats one of the good Idea they loved most, when they value your App they might be willing to refer.

2. Language Barrier

For effective App to be in progress and successful you need to embed/create your App based on General Languages (English) that everybody can Understand and collide with.

50% of App builder does such mistake when it comes in App language, regardless of such language might hinder the success and progress of an App especially when not Build in General Language mode.

According to Reasearch, Majority of Clients loves App with simple understandable language, easy to guess, read and work on.

3. Embark on Research

This factor can help very when involved on what people need most? & why they need it? alway be eager to know what kind of Appyour client like most, it can be one of the best Key for successful app. so as to improve the progress of your brands.
Make more Glimpse on Competitors based on what kind of brand theirs looks like so as never to be left out of the Fields and make adjust to it.

4. Make A Simple layout ads setting

Creating a simple environment in your App Operating system can make user to understand & operate freely on your App thereby making it friendly for them to work on & see, are the interesting and best steps to make.

Let your design looks simple in layout, make it user friendly that even newbies can operate, this field determines if they can move forward on such App or not.

More over take a time to study where your Ads work, you can make a different change, position to achieve a grate result and more try different ads rate to improve.

4. Run Adverts

Engaging and Targeting audience can pretty looks good when applied on a due process, you can run Facebook,google, and also local ads so as to improve the progress of your app.

while running adverts always target the Best location than can derive more traffic be it local or global for effective results.

Always write a cool and attractive introduction as the header so as to attract audience in a move to download your App.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Here is a [Quick Fix] on Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working

Why is my Amazon Fire TV Stick remote not working?

Time and again, 

This has been a question amongst users of this streaming device who are either unable to pause a movie using the remote, or the remote suddenly disconnects and they get key unresponsiveness even after rebooting the Fire TV Stick.

The question may even take other forms such as Amazon Fire Stick remote not pairing, Firestick remote won't pair after a factory reset, and Amazon Firestick with Alexa remote not working.

Irrespective of which is your case, 

We have rounded up solutions from the XDA forums, as well as other reputable websites on the net in a bid to ensure that the good functionality of your Fire TV is restored.

The sections below will answer each of your questions to:

What is Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Remote?
What causes Fire Tv Stick Remote not working issue?
How to pair a Fire TV Stick to the Fire TV remote
How to check if you have paired a Fire TV device
How to pair a Fire TV stick to the Fire TV remote app
How to clear Fire TV app cache and data on Android
How to disconnect a Fire TV Stick device
How to reset Fire Stick to Factory Settings
How to zoom out on Fire Stick
How do you turn off the Fire Stick

Each of these will help you to easily resolve any issues you have regarding the Fire TV Stick remote be it a minor or major one.

First off,

What is the Fire TV Stick?

The Fire TV stick is a streaming media player developed by Amazon.

Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working 

Its mode of operation is similar to that of the Apple TV 4K, Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick+, and Nvidia Shield TV (2017).

Here's exactly how it works:

This player can be plugged into a TV’s HDMI port, thereby allowing you to watch movies and TV shows you've already purchased using your Amazon account or uploaded to Amazon's cloud storage.

In addition,

You can gain access to photos, music,  apps, and games on this repository device and also stream videos from popular sites like Netflix, YouTube, HBO Now, ESPN, and Hulu.

Therefore, you can you access the internet with Fire TV Stick.

How About the Fire Stick Remote?

Packaged with this Fire TV Stick, is a remote featuring menu, home, and back buttons, and fast-forward, play/pause, and rewind buttons for easy navigation as well as a microphone and voice search to locate your favorite content on the net.

Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working 

The capabilities of this remote can be attributed to its Alexa, voice recognition, and voice command technology.

You will also find other accessories such as USB cable and power adapter, HDMI extender, and 2 AAA batteries all of which combine to help this digital media player work efficiently.

If you own a Fire TV stick, then you're already taking advantage of the capabilities of this streaming media device, that is why its malfunctioning can be quite disturbing.


What Causes the Fire Stick Remote Not to Work

Before we proceed with what to do If you find your Fire TV remote not working, it might be helpful to know what causes this problem even in 2018.

This is because a knowledge of the possible causes will help you to fix it without going through several trials and error that may cause more harm than good to the device.

That being the case, the following can be possible causes of your Amazon Firestick with Alexa remote not working:

Battery problems
Residue on the battery connector
Unpaired Fire Stick TV
Incompatible Fire Stick TV remote
Damaged remote

1. Battery Problems:

Some users will attest to the fact that their remote consumes too much power.


One of the reasons why your Fire Stick remote may not be working properly is because of the 2AA batteries whose power have been drained.

Due to depletion of battery power, the remote may become unresponsive and hitting it a couple of times as is usually the case with most people will not be able to resolve this issue.

Alternatively, a quick change of the batteries can help you resume your movie watching in no time.

2. Residue on Battery Connector:

While a change in the battery can significantly restore normalcy to your remote, this may not be entirely true.

I'll tell you why:

If your battery tends to leak, then most likely, there will be chalky residues on the batteries' connectors.

As a result, the batteries cannot serve as a power source to the remote.

3. Unpaired Fire Stick TV:

Here, if your Fire Stick remote has not been automatically paired as some out of the box remotes usually are, you will need to do it manually before it can be functional.


Even if it has already been paired, it may have been paired incorrectly.

In either case, you will have to pair the device to your TV or re-pair it using the remote instructions and this issue will be resolved.

In a later section, we'll be looking at how to fix Amazon Fire Stick remote not pairing issue, so read on!!

4. Incompatible Fire Stick TV remote:

If you're using a third party remote for the Fire TV or Fire TV stick, it may be incompatible with it.

Although there is a range of remotes and third-party game controllers that support them, it is possible that the one you're currently trying to pair is unsupported.


It may not be able to pair to the device from onset or it may pose several problems over time.

5. Damaged Remote:

As the value of anything you buy depreciates over time, your remote may be damaged and in need of repair.


You will need to either replace it or contact the Amazon Fire Stick customer service.

How to Fix Fire Stick Remote not Working in 2018
Now that you know what may be the possible causes of your malfunctioning Fire TV remote, several solutions have been outlined below.

These solutions will show you how to pair Fire Stick remote after a factory reset, resolve Amazon Fire TV remote voice search not working, and generally, fix the major issues encountered while operating the remote. 

They include the following:

Reboot the Fire TV stick device
Confirm Remote is paired to Fire Stick 
Replace batteries
Check remote compatibility
Replace Fire Stick remote
Use the Amazon FireStick remote app

1. Reboot the Fire TV Stick:

The first thing you'll have to do as an attempt to fix the Fire Stick remote problem is to reboot or restart the Fire TV Stick device.

Here are the easy steps on how to restart the Fire TV Stick:

Navigate to 'Settings',
Select 'System',
Then click on 'Restart'

Upon restarting, unplug the power cable for a few seconds and plug it back again.

Your remote should be working properly now but If it doesn't, then fret not because there are still a couple of simple solutions that will fix it in no time.

2. Confirm if the device has been paired correctly:

An unpaired remote to the FireStick is one of the major reasons why the Fire TV remote may be unresponsive. 

You can confirm if your device has been paired by:

Navigating to 'Settings'
Selecting 'Controllers and Bluetooth devices'
Navigating to 'Amazon Fire TV remotes' 


If you see your remote's name, then it has been properly paired to your Fire TV Stick hence you can be sure that it's not the root cause of this problem.

On the other hand, if your remote has not been listed due to the fact that it has not been automatically paired (since it is not out of the box) or the pairing process failed, here's how to pair it:

Plug your Fire Stick to into the TV port,
Ensure that both the Fire Stick and TV are On,
Hold down the Home button for about 10 seconds.

After a long press of the Home key, you should get a confirmation message that a new remote has been added for the Fire Stick device, hence your remote has been paired successfully.

If the Amazon Firestick remote is not pairing, then ensure that you do not have 7 devices connected to it already.

This is because only 7 Bluetooth devices or game controllers can be connected at a time to the Fire Stick.


Check the Controllers and Bluetooth devices section to ensure that this number has not be reached.

If it has, disconnect/unpair unused devices or remotes following the onscreen instructions and then retry the steps given above to pair your Fire TV stick remote.

3. Replace batteries: 

Another quick fix which has been effective for most people who have encountered this same issue was to simply replace the batteries.

But wait for a second!

You should check your connectors to ensure that the acidic properties of the batteries have not leaked and there is no white substance coating it.

This residue released by low/cheap quality batteries can prevent the battery and connectors from coming in contact, thereby making the remote unresponsive.


Clean your connectors with a steel wool and dry cloth.

If it does not work,

Then you can proceed with replacing your batteries with brand new alkaline batteries which are of a great quality.

Keep in mind that the + side of the battery should be on the + connector while the - side should be placed on the - connector.

4. Check remote compatibility:

If you're using a third party remote which is neither out of the box nor from Amazon, it is possible that it may not be compatible with your Fire TV stick.


Trying out each of the solutions listed above may be fruitless.

In this case, 

You need to verify if the remote or game controller you have purchased is compatible with the Fire TV and Fire TV stick. 

5. Replace Fire Stick Remote:

Your sure banker is either to call the Amazon support care to fix your Fire TV Stick remote or to buy a new Fire Stick remote.

You can contact the Amazon devices customer care on 1-844-229-2888.

Go to Customer Service by selecting the three lines at the left corner.
At the bottom, click on 'Contact us'
Choose the option 'Call us' 
Select Amazon Devices and Kindle App, then 'Fire TV' 
Finally, select an issue that is related to what you're facing.

In need of a replacement?

You can buy a high-quality Fire TV stick remote on Amazon.

6. Use the Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote App:

If you'll rather not worry your precious head about what's wrong with the damn Fire TV stick remote, then there's a Fire TV stick remote app for Android and iPhone smartphones.

Sounds good right?

Not only will this save you from buying and replacing batteries, scouting the net for solutions of how to fix the remote, and the time you'll spend looking for where you last left the remote, then you may find an app more beneficial.

This remote app on your smartphone, allows you to operate your Fire TV stick as if you were with the physical remote and you can even still install Google play store or Kodi on the Fire Stick.

Voice recognition and voice search which are some of the features we admire about the Fire Stick remote are also part and parcel of this app.

Other features include:

• Playback Controls

• Keyboard for simple text entry

• Quick access to your apps and games

You'll find a Fire TV remote app compatible with the following devices:

Fire phones
Fire Tablets
iOS 7.0 or higher variants
Android 4.0.3 or higher variants

Consequently, your device must meet the specifications required for running the app on each type of device or Operating System.


Download Fire TV remote app APK for Android on Amazon App Store or Google Play Store 
Download Fire TV Stick remote app for iPhone on Apple App Store.

After your free download,

You can control your Fire TV stick with the remote app by pairing it.

Here's all you have to do:

Connect your smartphone and Fire TV stick to the same WIFI network
Launch the Fire TV remote app on your phone
Choose the pairing device and you'll be prompted with a code on the TV screen
Enter this code in the App and then pair both devices.

And you're set to enjoy your favorite videos, music, and games.

While you would've successfully avoided problems that may be inevitable with the use of a remote, an app still poses its own problems ranging from compatibility to lagging.

In the case of the later, Android users who have installed the app on their phone can ensure its seamless operation by clearing its cache data and the re-pairing the app to their Fire TV stick again.

You can clear the Fire TV stick remote app cache data on Android by:

Navigating to the phone's 'Settings'
Going the 'Application Manager' tab
Selecting the 'Fire TV Remote' app
Selecting 'Clear data'
Then finally clicking on 'Ok'

It's that easy and you can work your way around it!

Fire TV Stick Tips and Tricks

Are you also wondering how to reset Firestick to factory settings, zoom out on Fire TV stick, and turn off the fire stick?

Then we've got you covered in this part where you'll find some Fire TV  Stick tips.

1. How to reset a Fire TV stick to factory settings:

Check this out!

Resetting your Fire stick will be able to eliminate any errors you've encountered so far and even help to resolve the improper functioning of the device.

On the other hand, the custom settings you've made will be restored back to default and your device will feel like it's totally out of the box.

With this in mind, you can reset a Fire TV by:

Navigate to 'Settings'
Goto 'Device' and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Choose the option 'Restore to Factory Defaults'

 firestick remote won't pair after factory reset

You'll be presented with a dialogue box to enter the pin
Next, confirm your selection by clicking on 'Reset' to begin the restoring process.
amazon fire tv remote voice search not working

2. How to zoom out on Fire TV Stick:

You can do this in two ways either by turning on accessibility features directly in the Settings menu or using the display calibration.

In the first method:

From the Fire TV home screen, navigate to Settings.
Scroll to the right and select Accessibility.
Fire tv stick remote app not working

Click on Screen Magnifier to enable the zoom feature.

In the second method:

Hold down the Back + Fast Forward keys for about 3 seconds to enable or disable Screen Magnifier from any screen. 
Next, press Menu + Rewind to zoom out.

After enabling screen magnifier, other zooming features can be accessed by:

Pressing Menu + Fast Forward to zoom in 
Pressing Menu + Up, Down, Left, or Right to pan in these directions.
Pressing Menu + Play/Pause to quickly enable or disable zoom.

Note: According to Amazon, most video content will not zoom hence zooming in and out will be most effective on certain content including images.

3. How to turn off Fire TV Stick:

To turn off your Amazon Fire TV stick, you can safely pull the plug from the wall outlet or remove the cable connected to the Fire TV stick device in order to disconnect it from its power source.

On the other hand, you can send your Fire TV Stick into a sleep mode by:

Hold the Home button on the Fire TV remote down for about 3 seconds 
On the screen that appears, use the Select button to click on Sleep.

amazon fire tv stick remote not working

This will send your Fire TV stick into a sleep mode. You can wake up your Fire TV Stick by pressing on any button on the Fire TV Stick.


Firestick remote not working will be a thing of the past since these solutions will come in handy especially when you need it.

Moreover, you can make do with the Fire TV stick remote APK or iOS app which will ultimately eliminate issues such as Firestick remote won't pair after factory reset.

In line with that,

Try out these solutions as we well as the app to see which is more convenient and which works best for you.
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